Friday, July 9 2021

Brain hacks to help you remember names, dates and more

If you know that feeling, when you want to say something, but in just a few seconds phrase or question escapes from your head? And the constant search for lost keys that disappear at the most inconvenient moment? And of course , the dates that you know about, but on the eve of a particular holiday, you forget, and then you have to listen: "Dear, how could you forget that today is my mother's birthday?"

Such micro-lapses in memory are inconvenient. Research from the University of Toronto suggests that things are not so bad: this kind of forgetfulness can make a person smarter, optimize thinking and allow rational decision-making, ignoring things that don't matter. We understand that this is unlikely to console you, especially when you called your boss and after a second forgot what you wanted to ask. So we found ways, let's call them brain hacks , to help patch up the holes in our memory.

1 If you keep forgetting names

The classic situation when you come to work in a new place and cannot remember the names of colleagues. It's okay if you confuse who's name at first, but after a couple of weeks you should know the names of at least those people with whom you work in the same department. If by this time you are still experiencing problems with memorization, then here's what to do: compare a specific person with a famous person or with some vivid image that will remain in your brain. Then, matching the name with the picture born in the head, visualize it. The next time you meet this person, a specific image will first appear in your head, and then you will be able to remember the name, because our mind remembers what it sees.

And there is an even easier way: in the era of the Internet, almost every person can be found on social networks. Download a photo and sign it - so you are guaranteed to remember the name of the person you need after the third viewing of the photo.

2 If you keep forgetting dates Sometimes even the date that you remember throughout the year can fly out of your head at the right moment, and it's not worth talking about insignificant anniversaries and events at all.

Allison Lamont , co-founder of the New Zealand Remembrance Foundation, advises to do the following: “Visualize an event that is about to happen, think about its place, time, how you will get to a specific point, what will happen there. Associate the created images with a specific date, and at this moment keep it in mind. This will fix the date in your memory. "

If that doesn't work, then use the pre-event countdown technique. Every day you will note how many days are left before an important event, you will have time to prepare for it and you will certainly not get into an awkward situation because of your forgetfulness. Different brainhacks can help but sometimes we need practice. If we practice enough we will create behaviour that will help many times in future. If you have troubles with dates or with history learning - ask for help!